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Frequently Asked Questions

How big are cast sizes at Joyful Light?

Cast sizes vary between 15 and 50 kids, ages 5-18 (grades K-12th).

Will my child need to audition?

Every child who has registered, paid their registration fee, and has received registration confirmation is a valued and included cast member.  Auditions will be held the first week of rehearsals, but if your child is feeling shy about auditioning, they don't need to worry.  We will have them do a simpler audition which will not include any prior preparation, and we'll use that, along with their audition form, to cast them.  

What do auditions at Joyful Light include?

Auditions at Joyful Light include a 30-60 second monologue and a 30-60 second accompaniment song solo.  Children can choose their own monologue and/or song, or they may choose from our library.  Children will audition in front of their peers and a friendly audition panel.  Joyful Light does not conduct "callbacks", and families will receive their child's casted role(s) later that week.

Will the performances include costumes and makeup?

YES!  We know kids thoroughly enjoy costumes and makeup, and we are thrilled to include both in our performances.

What do regular rehearsals look like?

We gather from 4:15-8:00pm on Monday evenings at Southside Bible Church in Centennial, and for our Littleton group, we meet on Tuesdays from 4:15-8:00pm at South Fellowship Church.  From 4:15-5:15pm, we eat our sack dinners (no nuts!), sing a worship song, listen to a Bible story, and then pray in small groups for our prayer requests. From 5:15-8:00pm, we rehearse our show with our focus on developing musical theater understanding and skills.

Will there be additional rehearsals (including dress rehearsals) as we near showtime?

While we don't desire a typical theater tech week for our shows, there may be up to two additional rehearsals added as we draw near to showtime.  Details on this will be provided as soon as we have them.

Who are the directors at Joyful Light?

The directors at Joyful Light are people who have a passion for Jesus, children, and theater. They have been background-checked, extensively interviewed, reference-checked, and have read, agreed with, and signed our Statement of Faith.

My child is shy, and/or not a naturally-gifted singer, dancer, and/or actor/actress, and/or this is our first time in youth theater.  Is Joyful Light a good place for us considering these concerns?

YES!  Our primary purpose is far from trying to recruit or create future Broadway performers.  Our primary purpose is to lead children well in Truth, and theater is a super fun secondary piece of our mission. So long as your child enjoys being with the Joyful Light community, we want them!


Are parents required to serve any volunteer hours for Joyful Light?

We do ask each family serve 10 hours/enrolled child of volunteered time to make our shows great.  Examples of places you may be asked to serve are: costumes, sets, makeup, props, and backstage during the shows.

What if I am unhappy with the part my child is cast as?

We understand that it's easy to think of theater, and our excitement about it, based upon what role one is cast as.  However, as we desire and work thoughtfully to keep kids on stage as much as possible (casting them as more than one role and finding creative ways to keep them on stage), we do believe that, come showtime, you and your child will be pleased with your child's casted role.  Please give our casting team your support, trust in God's sovereign hand, and enjoy the full session with our community regardless of your child's casted role.  Because of our staffing and planning commitments specific to each session, we are unable to offer refunds after our cancelation deadline of two weeks prior to the session start date.

Does Joyful Light award scholarships for families in need?

We desire to have children who want to join us able to do so should our scholarship fund allow.  Should you have concerns about financial challenges, please email to fill out a scholarship application.

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