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THANK YOU for your support!

Please email your artwork, and any questions, to no later than 3/28.

We will be in touch with you should we have any questions once we have received your payment and artwork/logo.

Artwork Guidance:


File sizes:

- 1/4 page ad: 2.5" w x 3.75"h

- 1/2 page ad: 5" w x 3.75" h

- full page: 5" w x 7.75" h


Our file preference is a print-ready (high resolution) PDF file to-scale. We can also accept .ai, .eps, .jpg or .indd files as long as all fonts and image links are included at time of ad submission. File color profile should also be set according to selection (full color or b/w) at time of ad purchase.

Thank you!

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